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Hello, everyone.

As I’m sure my few regular readers noticed, I’ve been absent for about two weeks.  That’s two whole weeks you have been deprived of the wit and wisdom I normally strive to provide to my readers.  Or, two weeks without my yammering, I’ll let you be the judge.

It has been an interesting couple of weeks.  My wife and I decided to take a little time off to recharge our batteries before the stress of the holidays joined the other multiple stresses already doing little dances in our heads.  In fact, my last week of postings were done with the sound of the ocean providing calming background noise.  It was during this vacation period that I finally managed to land a position, which entailed spending some of the aforementioned vacation running around doing paperwork.


However, I was able to start on the following Monday and was ecstatic to be back in the workforce.  At least I was for four days.  Shortly following the training period that I had to endure it was decided that I was not, after all, a good fit for the position.

Now, I have been making concerted efforts to turn my attitude around and pull myself up out of the doldrums that unemployment can put you in.  I have worked hard to maintain a positive outlook and keep an optimistic tone to my thinking.  This, my friends, is harder than you might imagine for a natural cynic and pessimist like myself.  However, I was doing well until that day.  Having that opportunity flit away from me was a blow.  I really wanted that job badly for a multitude of reasons and holding it in my hands so briefly was, quite frankly, devastating.

Thus, I didn’t write.  I have spewed enough negativity and self-pitying philosophical navel-gazing on the Jungle Gym since its inception.  You guys didn’t need more of that.

But, now that I gave internalized the problems, made them a part of me, and begun turning them into tools to learn from rather than arrows to fell me from my attempts to soar I can turn my attentions back to the Jungle Gym.

I do, however, want to take this opportunity to say a deep and heartfelt “thank you” to everyone who was in my corner as I fought for that job, no matter how temporary it was.  Knowing how many people have my back is a humbling experience, and I truly do consider all of you to be my greatest gift.

God blessed me with a loving family, and then he gave me a second family of dear friends who I love and respect.  Thanks to you all.

The Jungle Gym may be a little dusty, but it’s still good to be back.


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