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It’s a dreary, chilly day here in central Pennsylvania today.  Outside the air is hanging at temperatures just high enough to allow us rain instead of ice or snow.

Somehow it feels appropriate for the last day of November this year.

The end of the year crept up on me this year.  My head is still trying to get around the fact that Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is on the horizon.  But, the chill in the air and the dreariness outside is a stark reminder that winter is fast approaching.

This has always been a special time of year for my family and I.  By now we usually had the decorations up and the Advent calendars were hanging in the house teasing us with their daily treats and fuzzy ornaments.  My family always loved Christmas, it was an important time for us both spiritually and secularly.

From Thanksgiving on each day seemed to have a small piece of tradition.

I think that most of us carry some sort of tradition with us this time of year.  And while many of these traditions may change as we get older the things we did as kids will always ride with us in our hearts.  These days my wife and I have replaced the Advent calendars of my youth with small gestures or gifts on alternating days of Advent.  An evening meal of my Mom’s spaghetti on Christmas Eve has been an evening of snacks and movies the past several years.

I love our new traditions, they are a sign that I have begun something of an adult existence.  But, this time of year, I enjoy remembering being a kid.  I like to stroll down memory lane and negotiate with my parents on how early we can get up or with my siblings on who is going to sneak downstairs and peek.  These things bring a melancholy smile to my face.  Some parts of those traditions are gone forever, but they will forever live in the warm rooms of my heart.

But, I do have one thing to say.  The turtle does not belong to my brother, despite his claims otherwise.  So there.


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  1. The turtle most certainly DOES belong to your brother.

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