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There have been many tales in cinema and print about machines taking over the world.  It is a fear that seems to dwell in the deep recesses of our subconscious where we ask the question: “When have we gone to far with technology?”

Today I have begun to wonder if perhaps that line was crossed long ago.  I am beginning to think we may already be thralls of our machine masters.

I say this because today I have recognized the extent to which I am enslaved, so to speak, by certain machines in my life.  If any of these, particularly ones like my car or my computer goes down, I have no choice but to take direct and immediate action to remedy the situation.

My ability to function is dependent on these devices.

So, when my HHR decides to give me trouble and need repairs that I am going to have to struggle a bit to pay for, I have no choice.  And, I can’t help but look at the grill of the vehicle and wonder if that is some sort of sadistic smile.  I couldn’t afford not to fix it, but the repairs are a bit more than I can truly fathom at this point.  Oh, they will be done, and they will be paid for.  But, my car has taken me hostage and proven that he is in fact my lord and master.

Machines.  They’ve become so much a part of our lives that we don’t even know how to do some tasks without them.  Computers, television, wi-fi, smartphones.  I tell you, we have seen the face of our enemy and we have lst the war without firing a shot.

God help us all.


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