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I moved around quite a bit growing up.  And, while I spent a large chunk of my childhood in the Southern states, I did live in the Chicago area for a fair number of years.  And, of course, I live in Central Pennsylvania now.  Thus I am no stranger to snowfall.  I have sledded my share of hills, hurled my share of snowballs, and shoveled my share of driveways.

Of course snow is a bit different in North Carolina or Tennessee than in Northern Illinois or Central Pennsylvania.  What we would sneer at around here could shut down some of the towns I grew up in for days.  However, there is one thing I have seen that seems to be a universal thing whether I was in Cary, IL or Irmo, SC.  One behavior that seems to transcend the regional boundaries.

People clean out the grocery stores when the snow’s a-comin’.

It always seemed a bit silly to me regardless of where I lived.  But, I can at least understand the panic that can grip a lifelong Southerner when the forecast calls for a couple of inches.  Around here, though, you would think they would be a bit more cool-headed.

You would be wrong.

I walked into our local Giant a few days ago on a day we were forecast to receive 2 – 4 inches of snow overnight.  It’s a good thing I was only there to grab a few small things to round out dinner for the evening.  If I had wanted eggs, milk, or bread I would have been hard pressed.  And this was with a forecast as small as 2 – 4 inches in Pennsylvania.  That barely qualifies as accumulation for us around here (particularly during Farm Show week).

I have never understood this mad rush.  And it always seems to be eggs, milk, and bread.  The only thing I can imagine is that snow gives a large portion of the American populace an unexplainable desire to have French Toast. Get a grip people.  A little snow isn’t going to cause all city and government services to simply cease and society to degrade into a mad, post-apocalyptic hell reminiscent of Mad Max only with snow.

At least that won’t happen in Michael Bloomberg isn’t you mayor.  New York, you’re on your own.



  1. I have lived in PA all my life. I have never understood the getting of Milk, Eggs, and Bread. I assumed it was for french toast, but I guess it could be eggs (any style), toast, and milk to drink.

  2. they can have their eggs, milk, and bread. I want smores, chips, popcorn and if there is going to be 2 or more inches….soda! (life with a 6 year and four wall call for cafe on day 2) Yeah here in the south…1st comes snow, then comes sleet, then comes days of inside the house! (this past Monday closed us til today! Other schools here still closed!)

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