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As most who read this post know I unabashedly consider myself a geek.  I wear the label proudly.  And, one of the things I indulge in as a geek in a little pen-and-paper gaming with a few groups of friends using the legendary Dungeons & Dragons gaming systems.

Now, D&D has taken its share of criticism over the years.  It has been called everything up to and including satanic.  I thought I had heard every possible attack upon what is really just a game that promotes social interaction among its players.  But, I should have known better, this world always comes up with new and creative ways to be ridiculous.

In this case, the ridiculousness is coming straight out of the greats state of Wisconsin’s prison system of all places.  Apparently, the courts of this great country have decided that D&D leads to……wait for it…..gang activity.

That’s right, gang activity.

Now, I am generally of the opinion that prison’s may be in the process of becoming a wee bit too soft at times.  And, I grant you that the argument could be made that there is no reason that convicted felons need to have access to D&D.  But, come on.

According to this ruling Dungeon Masters might as well be gang leaders and criminal Godfathers.  The organization of a D&D, especially the fact that a game has <gasp> rules, makes it mimic a gang, thus making that level 12 paladin a true menace to society despite that Lawful Good alignment.  I don’t know about you, but I’m going to think twice the next time I’m near a comic or gaming store. 

Those geeks and their gangs might make me roll for initiative!


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