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Someone needs to develop a course on the Constitution and the tradition of republic-style democracy in America.  The course should definitely include readings from Plato, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin.  It is getting more and more vital with each passing day that this be taught in this country.

Only it’s not the students who need it, it’s the politicians.

The political class in this day and age seems to have forgotten the things that made this country great to begin with.  They have turned their backs on such important and unchanging documents as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  We have become a society in which our leaders are far too willing, one could even say eager, to throw away our basic freedoms and we as a populace act almost as willing accomplices by failing to exhibit outrage.

One of the latest attempts to bypass our American heritage has been provoked by the events and actions in another nation.  In this case, Egypt.

Unless you’ve been in some sort of isolation the situation in Egypt can hardly be outside your sphere of knowledge.  The country is turning into a powder keg with an ever-shortening fuse.  Demonstrators on both sides have begun to exhibit violent tendencies toward not only one another, but also anyone who appears foreign, in many cases targeting journalists.

How has the Egyptian president responded?  In many ways, but perhaps the most disturbing is the practical shut down on internet communications through a sort of internet “kill switch.”  And this, my friends, has given Washington one hell of an idea.  An idea that they moved on quickly continue to try to push trough.

After all, we really need the government to have the power to shut down the most powerful and influential tool for communication and the sharing of ideas the world has ever seen.  And, of course, this power would never be abused.  It is absolutely necessary to have it available in the case of cyber attacks, which most experts agree will rarely, if ever, be predictable without outside intelligence.

We can trust them.  Implicitly.  After all, they’re the government and they’re here to help.



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