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Hello again, everyone.

Here I am once again to pontificate upon the product that Hollywood has churned out for another week.

Of course, the big news in movies this week isn’t what’s new at your local cineplex but who will be going home with the little golden statuettes on Sunday night.  I’m always interested to see that the Academy has to say, but over the years, quite frankly, I’ve become a bit jaded with their elitist tendencies.  This year looks a little better as the Best Picture nominees were all relative commercial successes, but the Academy is the Academy so we’ll have to see how things play out.

At any rate, this Oscar weekend sees three national release.  I, however, will only be discussing two.  I have a long-standing policy about concert films here at the MovieDruid.  They don’t get discussed.  That goes double for a director’s cut of a concert film which has only been out for a few weeks.  And it goes triple for Justin Bieber.  No Bieber here.  Ever.  Period.

So, that being said, let’s see what else is coming out…

“Hall Pass”


Synopsis: Rick and Fred are best friends who have a lot in common, including the fact that they have each been married for many years. But when the two men begin to show signs of restlessness at home, their wives take a bold approach to revitalizing their marriages: granting them a “hall pass,” one week of freedom to do whatever they want…no questions asked. At first, it sounds like a dream come true for Rick and Fred. But it isn’t long before they discover that their expectations of the single life–and themselves–are completely, and hilariously, out of sync with reality.

MovieDruid’s Comments: I don’t even know what to say in response to this one.  Perhaps I am a prude or have old-fashioned views on some level, but the entire concept of this film comes close to be offensive.  First, the premise that all men have so little control over themselves that this sort of thing has any kind of credence is nuts.  I’m the first to admit that guys can be ridiculous when it comes to women at times.  But to play the stereotype this hard and heavy just makes that image that much worse.  But, my biggest issue with this is the idea that anyone would have to give their spouse a “hall pass” and let them stray for a bit.  What the hell is that about?  Perhaps I am in the minority, but to me if that’s something that sounds cool to ou then perhaps you didn’t truly understand the vows you made when you got married.  Just my opinion, take it for what it’s worth.

“Drive Angry” – MovieDruid Pick of the Week


Synopsis: Milton is a hardened felon who has broken out of Hell intent on finding the vicious cult that brutally murdered his daughter and kidnapped her baby. He joins forces with Piper — a sexy, tough-as-nails waitress with a ’69 Charger, who’s also seeking redemption of her own. Now, the two of them are hot on the trail of the deadly leader of the cult, all while being pursued by an enigmatic killer who has been sent by the Devil to retrieve Milton and deliver him back to Hell. Caught in a deadly race against time, Milton has three days to avoid capture, avenge his daughter’s death, and save her baby before she’s mercilessly sacrificed by the cult.

MovieDruid’s Comments: On another week this probably wouldn’t be Pick of the Week.  I simply have quite a few reservations about it and it could easily go either way.  If it swings in the good direction it will be a fast-paced movie with just enough camp to make it an entertaining ride.  If it swings wrong Nicolas Cage has himself another “Ghost Rider.”  This one does have a few things going for it, though.  Besides Nicolas Cage (“Gone in 60 Seconds” & “Leaving Las Vegas”) the cast includes Amber Heard (“Zombieland” & “Pineapple Express”) and William Fichtner (TV’s “Prison Break” & “Contact”).  Like I said, go into this one expecting it to go either way.  And, if you’re feeling truly lucky grab the 3D version.


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