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Any regular reader of this blog knows that I am a movie lover.  My wife and I go to the movies generally once a week.  We were, in fact, married in a movie theater.  And, as a movie buff, last night was a pretty big night.  The Oscars.  The night that Hollywood comes out to recognize its own and give credit where credit is due.  You’d think I was glued to the TV.

I was not.

I am not an award show watcher.  That’s not to say I have no interest in the outcomes of the awards.  I was happy to see “The King’s Speech,” one of my favorite movies of the year, walk away with some much deserved awards.  I was glad to see Natalie Portman and Christian Bale also get some much deserved acclaim.  But, no matter how much interest I actually have in the awards being given out, you would be hard pressed to get me to watch the actual ceremony.

All the pomp and circumstance mixed with a liberal dose of glitz and glamor simply does nothing for me.  I respect most of these people for the talent and artistry they are capable of, but the award shows always seem long on flash and short on substance.  I certainly don’t want to deny anyone their moment of celebration and recognition, I just don’t feel a need to watch it.

I’ve never really understood the fawning that some people do over celebrities, and I think that is a big part of the turn-off I have in regards to awards shows.  The public at large tunes in early to get a glimpse of who is wearing what so they can chat around the water cooler the next morning about who was the definition of elegance and who just doesn’t have style or taste.  We analyze every word, every gesture, and every decision these people make.

News flash,  they are not a superior race or some evolutionary step forward from the rest of us.

Talent and luck will take you far.  And most at that ceremony last night were extremely talented individuals.  Society and the marketplace have created for them, and their peers in music and sports among other fields, an ability to generate enormous incomes based upon that talent.  As long as we are willing to buy movie tickets, DVDs, cable or satellite TV, and service like Netflix there will be a market for them to continue to get compensated in that way.

More power to them, they have found a way to make a generous living using their God-given gifts.  But, step back a moment every once in a while and remember that they are people just like us.  They have hopes and fears.  They make mistakes and let the pressure and stress get to them.

Admire the talent.  Admire the people.  But don’t ever believe that you are not made of the same stern and stubborn stuff that makes us all human.


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