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As my small cadre of daily readers have no doubt noticed, my posting schedule has been out of whack for weeks now.  I haven’t gotten any of the side pages done in a long while and am often lucky to get two or three posts up in a week instead of my usual five.  For that, I would like to apologize to everyone out there.

In addition, looking back over my recent posts I have noticed a disturbing number of posts that are just flat-out downers.  I didn’t create this blog to whine about my personal issues and depress people.  No one cares about my personal tribulations, they come here for a modicum of entertainment, because a modicum is all I got.

The truth of the matter is that I have begun a slide into a funk that is affecting my posting, and it’s not fair to subject you guys to it.  I’m in a rather dark place right now and that is not something people want to get out of the Jungle Gym.

Thus, I have decided to temporarily suspend the Jungle Gym.  I need to get my head right before I can keep things going.  I’ll be back soon, I promise, but for the next week or so the playground is closed for renovations and attitude adjustment.

Thanks for your understanding, I love you guys.


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