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Every once in a while as we travel trough this crazy world we suddenly are struck by something that just seems wrong.  Maybe it’s the phrasing of a comment we overhear or the text on a billboard, but we mentally stop in our tracks and consider why something just seems out of place.

In moments like these we often learn two things:

1) Everyone’s head will go to the naughty interpretation of things every once in a while.

– AND-

2) Sometimes we don’t really think about how what we say or write will be interpreted.

I had one of these moments last week, and believe it or not it all starts with a church.  Now, I am not going to name the church in question, and while I considered getting photographic evidence, I decided against it as the church in question identifies itself on the sign in question.  But, this, to me, is a demonstration of just how important it can be to get a few opinions on titles before you elect to publish them.

It is, as we all know from the ridiculous heat, summertime.  And, one of the traditions of American summer is Vacation Bible School.  I went to VBS when I was a kid.  Heck, I even worked as an aide one summer.  It is a wholesome tradition which allows kids to have some fun, makes some crafts, play with friends, and have a their faith explored just a little more.

In short, it’s good, clean, Mayberry-style Americana.

One of the trends in Vacation Bible School over the last decade or so has been to have a theme and name for the school.  Maybe we’re going to be ocean explorers.  Maybe this year we will visit the stars.  Or see the world by train.  All while sharing fun and fellowship with our friends and neighbors.

Or, maybe we’re going to have an Indiana Jones style adventure!  Yeah, that would be fun!  But, this is Vacation Bible School, so it needs a name that sounds, well….biblical.

These must have been the thoughts going through the minds of the individuals creating the program used at the church that made my mind make a mental full stop.  It was all, I am certain, intended to convey a sense of fun and adventure.  But, I have to wonder how many people were actually part of this planning.  I can’t imagine that this name slipped past too many individuals without someone saying something.

I mean, is it me or does “Jeremiah Stones and the Race for the Hidden Treasure” not sound like a bad porn movie?

I’m just saying.


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  1. Last year I was reading for my grad school exams when I ran across a 19th century children’s book about the Swallow family. The kids’ names? Dick and Fanny. SO not an accident.

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