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To anyone bothering to read this, welcome to you.

My mind is a twisted and cluttered thing, but it still seems relatively strong and reasonably stable, so guests are always welcome.

A little about me…

I was born in Silver Spring, MD, but my memories of Maryland are fuzzy until much later in life.  My family moved around a bit when I was growing up, allowing me to collect seven schools before I graduated from high school.

My upbringing managed to instill a love of reading, writing, and learning that persists to this day.  My parents also tried to instill courage, responsibility, and the like in me.

Unfortunately, for a time those values seemed to get lost in the shuffle.  I spent more years than I care to admit hiding from my past and trying to block out the voices of my past demons.

Those days, however, are behind me now.  I am now on a quest of sorts to better myself and repair the damage I did along the way.  As such I am seeking the zen-like quality of the penguin and the joy of the child.


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